Create Landing Pages

Create Landing Pages

Basic rule of running an ad campaign – unless you have a very good reason – is never send your visitor to your homepage. Send your visitor to a page specifically crafted to match whatever was being advertised.

If you are using a CMS like WordPress (like you should, and if you aren’t, you should learn how to set WordPress up here) then it’s super-easy to set up new pages.

You should set up specific landing pages for every single type of ad you’re running. Pro tip – setting up unique landing pages with keywords matching your ads also helps lower your costs on Google by increasing your Quality Score.

Your landing pages should include AdWords conversion codes, and even though they don’t have to be as beautiful as these landing pages – they should be unique. Look at landing pages as part of building your ad campaign.

And this extends to blog promotion as well. Don’t send people to your home page or main feed. Promote specific posts – and send those ads directly to those posts.

How to Promote Your Business with Weird Holiday Marketing

Hashtag Holidays, Strange Holidays or Bizarre Festivals

The calendar every social media manager needs to have on their desk.

What’s with weird holidays?

Are they just wacky and nonsensical – or could they make sense (and dollars) for marketing your business?

From food to politics to animals and everything in between, there is a plethora of observance days worldwide during which marketers can share content relevant to their industries, get involved in a movement, or simply generate more awareness.

Hashtags holidays are still a relatively new marketing concept. With new dates and duplicative holidays created on a daily basis, it’s easy for hashtags to go through alterations. Make sure that the correct hashtag is being used for each of the holidays your brand is looking to participate in.

How Many Weird Holidays Are There?

There’s a unique holiday for every day of the year!

Hashtag holidays have been celebrated for decades but they’ve only gained traction on social media within the past few years. Ignored by traditional calendars these hastag holidays are celebrated on social media. Some are meant to generate awareness and promote a cause while others focus their attention on the cute, quirky and nonsensical. When positioned properly these occasions can be a great opportunity for your brand to reach a new audience.

Why Hashtag Holidays?

Everyone does promotions for the Christmas holidays. If you want memorable marketing, try Opposite Day or Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day — and make your customers smile!

Think National Best Friends Day could be a creative fit for your brand? Two hashtags you might run into are #NationalBestFriendsDay and #BestFriendsDay. But which is the right one to use? One way to combat confusion is by deep diving into the message volume and sharing data between the two.

How Many Silly Holidays Should You Use?

It’s unlikely that you want to build your entire marketing strategy around oddball holidays. That would be random and confusing to your audience.

Use fun holidays when you need content ideas to stay in touch with your customers, followers, and subscribers.

You should choose offbeat holidays that:

  • Directly relate to your business OR
  • Give you a chance to express your personality OR
  • Provide an interesting topic of conversation.

Any of those are useful for either directly promoting your business, OR creating a connection or conversation with your audience. You don’t want to promote all the time!

Avoid the unique holidays that:

  • Don’t align with your business personality.
  • Might offend your audience.
  • Interrupt a promotion you’re running.

Those could create a disconnect, mistrust, or confusion about who you are and what you stand for.

How to Find Unique Holidays

Brainstorm which holidays make sense for your business, your brand (or business “personality”), and your audience.

We have created a list of the most interesting holdiays in the year. Take a look at how brands leveraged them and converted them into a point of conversation and in turn into engagement.

But this is a great starting point for social media marketers who want to learn more about what's trending and how they can plan their content in a way that will be fun and engaging on Twitter and other social platforms.

But don’t shy away from using some purely silly holidays that resonate with your audience. These help you stand out and find your tribe of like-minded people, who love to do business with you – because you’re you!


  • National Federal Holiday
  • Gobal Events
  • Hashtag Holidays

No time to surf all over looking for appropriate holidays? Make it easy on yourself by purchasing my Social Media Content Planner. It offers:

  • Daily holidays at a glance.
  • Ideas on how to use them.
  • A way to keep track of those you’ll use, and how they perform.
  • A balance of funny and business-oriented marketing ideas.

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

The strategies behind designing a successful and memorable logo involves a process which progresses through various stages of listening, research, development, feedback and changes. Below I share my logo process I go through when designing a logo: Once you make a deposit we can then proceed with the minor details, problem solving, research, inspiration and sketch. The next phase is digital implementation, where I will provide you with different designs to choose from. The first creation of symbol and typefaces are always mainly in black and white. A well designed logo should not only work in color but also in black and white (reversed-out) versions.

Logo File Formats

Logo File Formats

More often than not when asking a client for their current logo, I am provided with a file format that is less than desirable for the project or situation. Although this can be argued both ways, I’ve seen both instances where it was logo designers responsibility to provide the proper deliverables or the client was using an improper method of creating their logo. Below is a list of deliverables you should be giving your clients and what clients should be getting from their logo designer.

Delivering a variety of file formats to your clients will not only leave them satisfied in the long term, but any designer who follows you will also be greatful. Whether you are printing high quality, adding a logo to a website, or inserting your company logo into a Word document, there are various file formats that should be used over the other.

Our Process

How can you build a website in ONE WEEK.

Our Process

60 Estimated HOURS
15 Business Days TIMELINE
APPROXIMATELY A 3 WEEK timeline including feedback and testing.


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