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Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design Process

Suppose you want to, announce or sell something, amuse or persuade someone, in other words, you have a message you want to communicate.

The Galleria for Business “Graphic Boutique can tailor creative graphic design for print for any visual medium, a poster, flyer, magazine ad, booklets, an album cover, or even website banners.

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Project Manager Details

Organizing Information for Your Designer.

Project Manager Details

The aim of this page is to outline the content you should provide for any design projects. Some of this should be provided before the project begins, whereas other elements can be supplied later as the project progresses. These guidelines have been established to help keep your costs down.

By meeting these requirements, I can ensure that the the project meets the brief and runs within the specified timeframe and budget. In order for me to focus mainly on the creative aspect of your company, I appreciate if you can organize and be responsible for your company’s business management and secretarial duties. Please note that the information and content required will vary due to the scale of the project.

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What is Graphic Design

Custom Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design

Do you have a message you want to communicate?

I can creative tailored graphic design for any visual medium, a poster, flyer, magazine ad, booklets, an album cover, or even website banners. I have a very flexible schedule which help me meet alot of my clients deadlines.
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Brochure Folding Guides

Brochure Folding Guides

Take your brochure to the next level.

We offer printed brochures in several different sizes and folded several different ways. The following guide explains the different folds we offer and what you need to know about folding before laying out your folded brochure design.

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