Create Landing Pages

Create Landing Pages

Basic rule of running an ad campaign – unless you have a very good reason – is never send your visitor to your homepage. Send your visitor to a page specifically crafted to match whatever was being advertised.

If you are using a CMS like WordPress (like you should, and if you aren’t, you should learn how to set WordPress up here) then it’s super-easy to set up new pages.

You should set up specific landing pages for every single type of ad you’re running. Pro tip – setting up unique landing pages with keywords matching your ads also helps lower your costs on Google by increasing your Quality Score.

Your landing pages should include AdWords conversion codes, and even though they don’t have to be as beautiful as these landing pages – they should be unique. Look at landing pages as part of building your ad campaign.

And this extends to blog promotion as well. Don’t send people to your home page or main feed. Promote specific posts – and send those ads directly to those posts.