Our Process

60 Estimated HOURS
15 Business Days TIMELINE
APPROXIMATELY A 3 WEEK timeline including feedback and testing.



Quote & Deposit
All Projects REQUIRE A PAYMENT Before Designing | FULL BALANCE Before Project is Printed

  1. Client Consultation: establish budget and deadline
  2. Website Design Brief: online form per business
  3. Website Agreement: contract, timeline and signature
  4. Deposit: Paypal, cash or check
  5. Domain: Godaddy purchase and registration

DAY 1: estimated 2 hours


Project Management
First start with a list of business pages that I will develop on the website. Then categorize those pages with different website functions.

  1. Research & Concept: for industry trends and branding
  2. Client Requirements: analyze data and brief for design
  3. Client Inventory List: establish the required content for website
  4. Client Resources: need logo, content, media, etc.
  5. Sitemap Proof: create website menu and flowchart
  6.  Sitemap Confirmation: adjust agreement before development

Day 2: estimated 5 hours

Create Email: 1 Email Included  ($15 per additional Emails)
Create Email Responses: custom header and footer
Create Signature: custom footer
Send Test Emails: send to client primary emails
Client Response: please respond to sent email for verification
Day 3: estimated 3 hours


Design Mockup
I will design a mock template incorporating your company's logo, so you can visualize the website wireframe, backgrounds and types of pages. Create Content Visuals Unless you are creating the dullest, most technical website imaginable, your content should consist of more than just plain text.

  1. Website Mockup: wire-frame and page layout
  2. Mockup Proof: 2 revision ($25.00 each additional revision)
  3. Template Approval: for Frontpage and page layouts
  4. Branding: edit logo and color scheme
  5. Content Creation: Shutter Stock Images
  6. Organize Files: edit all media and export for server

Day 4 - 5: estimated 10 hours


Website Development
I will begin developing the content management system, components, modules and template design.

Shopping Cart Development
I will incorporate your shoping cart system into the content management system. I then set up your settings, payments, categories and products. Then integrate your settings, payments, 2 categories and 10 products.

CSS Styling
I make minor adjustments to the style of the website.

  1. Create Hosting Account: install Joomla components & modules
  2. Upload Images: Logos, icons and media
  3. Develop Template: setup website menu
  4. Develop Frontpage: sections and links
  5. Develop Pages: create articles and link to menus
  6. Create All Forms: link to email and Mailchimp
  7. Develop Add-Ons: blogs, shops, and bookings
  8. Correct Coding: fix Css and animations

Day 5 - 7: estimated 15 hours


  1. Preview of Temporary Link: sent via email and text
  2. Prototype Template: Client Presentation and portfolio
  3. Verbal Website Presentation: video, phone call or meeting
  4. Client Feedback #1 of 3: via email, or form of a document
  5. Website Code freeze to ensure proper testing can be completed

Day 8: estimated 5 hours


Corrections & Changes
I make all of the corrections given by the client.

  1. Create Joomla User Account: username / passwords
  2. Create Client Account Page: document all username / passwords
  3. Create Login form
  4. Test All Pages: verify links and fix all broken links
  5. Test All Forms: link to emails and email responses
  6. Browser Checks: speed load testing
  7. Preview Client Feedback #1: update all requested changes
  8. Client Feed Back #2 of 3: via email, or form of a document

Day 10: Estimated 5 hours


  1. Create Client Account Page
  2. Update Client Feedback
  3. Link all forms to emails and set responses
  4. Test all forms
  5. Test all pages
  6. Verify Links
  7. Browser Checks
  8. Speed: Load testing
  9. Send to Client for 2nd Feedback (via email, or form of a document)

Day 10: Estimated 5 hours


Website Goes LIVE
Full balance must be paid. Now your website is developed you can start Build your Website with updates.

  1. Submit Website to Google (sitemap, data structure)
  2. Launch Date Confirmation: balance is due before launch
  3. Make Website Live: link domain to hosting Nameservers,
  4. wait 24 Hours for pagination to go through the Internet
  5. Deliverables: hand-over Joomla passwords, Dropbox link

Day 12: Estimated 1 - 24 hours


  1. Training & Documentation: go through login frontend and account page. Show how to make updates to frontend text
  2. Troubleshooting: up to 5 business days after launch on functionality and misspellings.
  3. Fine Tune Design Updates: only spelling and functionality
  4. Additional Revisions = $25.00 per. file change/ update

Day 12-15: Estimated 5 hours