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Houston Web Design Process

Houston Web Design Process

Project Management
First start with a list of business pages that I will develop on the website. Then categorize those pages with different website functions.

Quote & Deposit
All Projects REQUIRE A PAYMENT Before Designing | FULL BALANCE Before Project is Printed

Design Mockup
I will design a mock template incorporating your company's logo, so you can visualize the website wireframe, backgrounds and types of pages.

Website Development
I will begin developing the content management system, components, modules and template design.

Create Content Visuals
Unless you are creating the dullest, most technical website imaginable, your content should consist of more than just plain text.

Shopping Cart Development
I will incorporate your shoping cart system into the content management system. I then set up your settings, payments, categories and products. Then integrate your settings, payments, 2 categories and 10 products.

CSS Styling
I make minor adjustments to the style of the website.

Corrections & Changes
I make all of the corrections given by the client.

Website Goes LIVE
Full balance must be paid. Now your website is developed you can start Build your Website with updates.

  1. Define
    • - Consultaton
    • - Website Design Breif
    • - Agreement
    • - Deposit
    • - Purchase Domain
  2. Plan
    • client deliverables - need logo
    • website mockup
    • mockup edits
    • approval of template
    • organize files
  3. Design
    • Edit Logo
    • Content Creation
    • Shutter Stock Images 10
    • Edit All Media
  4. Develop
    • Create Hosting Account
    • Upload CMS - Components, Modules
    • Upload Images and Media
    • Develop Menu
    • Develop Template
    • Develop Frontpage
    • Develop Pages
    • Develop Add-Ons
    • Create All Forms
    • Edit Fonts, Css and Animations
  5. 3rd Client 1st Preview of Temporary Link
    • Website Preview (video, phone call, or meeting)
    • Send to Client for 1st Feedback (via email, or form of a document)
  6. Email Set-up
    • Create Email
    • Create Response
    • Create Signature
  7. Testing
    • Update Client Feedback
    • Link all forms to emails and set responses
    • Test all forms
    • Test all pages
    • Send to Client for 2nd Feedback (via email, or form of a document)
  8. 3rd Client Feedback
    • Revision #1
    • Revision #2
    • Revision #3 = $25.00 per. changes
  9. Launch
    • Balance is Due
    • Link Domain to Nameservers
    • 24 Hours for pagnation to go through the internet.
  10. Maintenance
    • 5 Business Days after Launch)

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