Logo Design Process

The strategies behind designing a successful and memorable logo involves a process which progresses through various stages of listening, research, development, feedback and changes. Below I share my logo process I go through when designing a logo: Once you make a deposit we can then proceed with the minor details, problem solving, research, inspiration and sketch. The next phase is digital implementation, where I will provide you with different designs to choose from. The first creation of symbol and typefaces are always mainly in black and white. A well designed logo should not only work in color but also in black and white (reversed-out) versions.

Step 1: Problem Solving & Research: Getting the right amount of details and having a clear understanding of a client’s problems and goals from the beginning is the most important factor when starting a new logo design. Asking questions such as, How does your company differ from its competitors?, What keywords should best describe your new logo?, or What type of logos typically appeal to you?, will help you and your clients become more on the same page and set up for a successful deliverable. We then begin researching their company and competitors to get a better feel for their market – this helps in the overall look and message the final logo conveys.

Step 2: Inspiration & Sketch: Every so often we will flip through some logo design books or online logo galleries to get the creative juices flowing. When not designing we focus as much as possible on bettering my own skills and becoming a more aware designer, this way we stay inspired and helps when approaching new work. Our designs, whether it’s logos or websites, always start off on paper. This allows me to get our brain moving in the right direction and get down as many ideas as possible. Jumping directly onto the computer can slow the creative process – it takes more time to execute ideas and one can tend to pay more attention to minuet details early on.

Step 3: Digital implementation: After we have seen some sketches starting to come alive and take form, we then take my ideas to the computer. Our software of choice is typically Adobe Illustrator for creating logos. Lines and shapes in Illustrator use vectors that are easily scalable and retain consistent clarity. We also in the early stages of the process do not add color until we have decided on a couple of ideas that we feel are successful or the client would like to see more of. This allows me to focus more on the mark itself — a good logo should work well in both black, white and color.

Step 4: Client feedback & Changes: Working closely with our clients is not only essential to our business objectives, but without a doubt helps in the process of creating a logo that represents them and their company. We do our best to touch base with my clients frequently and get their feedback through various stages of the logo design process. This also helps in building their trust, as the gain a better understanding of what their money is being invested into. After some client feedback I tend to head back to the computer and make changes or provide additional samples. This gives me the chance to take in more ideas from the client and understand their vision more clearly after the initial feedback.

Step 5: Color and typefaces: After we are at least 80% satisfied with the logos we have so designed we play around with color combination and font variation. We typically provide our clients with at least 3 different logo samples, each having color variations and typefaces that work well with the mark and company’s message.

Step 6: Final revisions: After the client comes to an agreement of the best overall solution for their logo, we will go in and make any additional minor changes we feel are neccessary. We then create the necessary files to be presented to the clients for their records.