What is Graphic Design

Do you have a message you want to communicate?

I can creative tailored graphic design for any visual medium, a poster, flyer, magazine ad, booklets, an album cover, or even website banners. I have a very flexible schedule which help me meet alot of my clients deadlines.
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Payment Phase
We have received your request for our services. Your design has been put on hold as we wait for your payment. Once we receive confirmation of your payment we will proceed to design your project. We will email you the final design/s, ready for reveiw.

Design Phase
All content and images are required before deisgn specific to the client guidelines.

Review Phase
Please check against the text and be sure that everything is absolutely correct. You are given only 2 changes/additions before any additional fees ($25 per/hour) are added to your balance. Extensive changes or additions after the project has been electronically produced will cause delays. All other changes are subject to a 24 hour waiting period. Any spelling errors can be made as soon as possible.

Approval Phase
Once your design is approved, you will receive  a high and low resolution .JPEG files for your records. The Galleria for Business is NOT responsible for any proofs that are approved by the customer including picture, color, spelling, etc. Any mistakes found will be PENALIZED ON THE CLIENT'S BEHALF.

Sent to Print
If you are requesting printing services, once we receive your approval, we will then send your designs to print. Printed orders will be processed only after we receive FULL PAYMENT. If shipping/delivery is required, for additional fees, please let us know when ordering.