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April 06, 2017 (Day 96)

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April 6th is National Caramel Popcorn Day

  • Combining popcorn and molasses began in the early 1800s. Caramel was popular as well and with the production of Cracker Jack, the popularity was ever increasing. 
  • Cooking & Catering Business
  • #National #CaramelPopcornDay

April 6th is National Sorry Charlie Day

  • This day encourages us to think about the times we have been rejected.  Whether we’ve been rejected by a sweetheart or by a college, a prospective employer or by the bank for a loan, we’ve all been rejected.
  • Wellness Business
  • #National #SorryCharlieDay

April 6th is National Student-Athlete Day

  • Today provides an opportunity to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of student-athletes.
  • Fitness & Sports Business
  • #National #StudentAthleteDay

April 6th is National Tartan Day

  • Today honors all the Scottish heritage that flows through this nation. From its earliest beginnings, Americans with Scottish ancestry endeavored for that freedom as much as any American.
  • Wellness Business
  • #National #TartanDay

April 6th is National Teflon Day

  • Today honors the accidental invention of Teflon on April 6, 1938, by Dr. Roy Plunkett.
  • Cooking & Catering Business
  • #National #TeflonDay

April 6th is Plan Your Epitaph Day

  • A day is a little bit morbid for my liking. My first thought was who would create this day? And, why? I don't want to think about it, let alone plan it.
  • Wellness Business
  • #PlanYourEpitaphDay

April 6th is New Beer's Eve

  • Today in 1933, the United States government came to their senses, and President Roosevelt decided that this frothy brew should once again flow freely in the taverns and bars of the country.
  • Food & Beverage Business
  • #NewBeersEve

April 6th is Army Day

April 6th is Tell A Lie Day

  • Dishonesty is an art form that is prevalent in every day of our lives, from the media selling us their version of events, to your kids telling you the dog broke the lamp. This is a day to let all of that have a pass.
  • Wellness Business
  • #TellALieDay

April 6th is Fresh Tomato Day

  • Tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods you can eat! They are packed with plenty of wonderful vitamins and minerals that we all need.
  • Food & Beverage Business
  • #FreshTomatoDay

April 6th is International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

  • An annual celebration of the power of sport to drive social change, community development and to foster peace and understanding.
  • Fitness & Sports Business
  • #International #DayofSportforDevelopmentandPeace

April 6th is National Siamese Cat Day

  • "Purrfect!" It's National Siamese Cat Day, an annual animal holiday that shines the spotlight on the magnificent Siamese breed! While all felines are fabulous, "Meezers" exude grace and elegance and are one of the most popular cats around.
  • Pet Business
  • #National #SiameseCatDay

April 6th is National Hostess Twinkie Day

  • Remember when they tragically pulled the iconic snack from shelves a few years back? We're thanking our lucky cream-filled stars we're even able to celebrate this holiday today.
  • Food & Beverage Business
  • #National #HostessTwinkieDay

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