March 10 (Day 69)

March 10, 2017 (Day 69)

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March 10th is National Blueberry Popover Day

  • Popovers are light, airy rolls that puff up when baked, popping over the edge of the tin.  They are light and crispy on the outside while the insides are warm and often hollow.  They can be filled with custards, creams and fruits for a sweet treat, especially blueberries.
  • Cooking & Catering Business
  • #National #BlueberryPopoverDay

March 10th is National Mario Day

  • When abbreviated (Mar.10),  it looks just like the name Mario. Have some fun with friends playing video games. You can also do something special for and/or with all people named Mario!
  • Entertainment Business
  • #National #MarioDay

March 10th is National Pack Your Lunch Day

  • Today is a day to pack your own lunch and take it with you to work, school, on a picnic, to your friend’s house or whereever you are spending the day and enjoy what you have made and packed yourself.
  • Food & Beverage Business
  • #National #PackYourLunchDay

March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

  • A day to empower people everywhere with knowledge and information regarding this disease and the often overlooked impact that it has on women and girls.
  • Women & Girls Organization
  • Medical Business
  • #National #WomenandGirlsHIV/AIDSAwarenessDay

March 10th is Middle Name Pride Day

  • Today can also be celebrated by finding out why you were given your middle name, if it was in honor of someone then this is a great day to find out more about that person
  • Professional Career Business
  • #MiddleNamePrideDay the Friday of #CelebrateYourNameWeek

March 10th is Skirt Day

  • First a bit of history on the skirt, it’s far older than you might imagine! The oldest known skirt was woven from straw, and was discovered in Armenia, and was known to have been worn by men and women alike.
  • Fashion & Retail Business
  • #SkirtDay

March 10th is Day of Awesomeness

  • Are you made of awesome? Of course you are! Awesomeness runs in the veins of all of us, and we all have little periods of absolutely epic grade awesomeness every day of our lives.
  • Wellness Business
  • #DayofAwesomeness

Landline Telephone Day

  • It’s National Land line Telephone Day. Some say that Land Line telephones will go away someday. What do you think?
  • Technology Business
  • #LandlineTelephoneDay

Amerigo Vespucci Day

  • Today is the day Amerigo left the harbor on his first voyage. This holiday should be celebrated because he was the first to realize that the land Columbus found is really The New World.
  • Non-Profit Cause or Community Business
  • #AmerigoVespucciDay

Today We Remember March 10th, 1997 Harriet Tubman

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