March 14 (Day 73)

March 14, 2017 (Day 73)

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March 14th is National Children’s Craft Day

  • This day is an attempt to bring awareness of crafting to children.  By opening children’s eyes to the world of crafts their imagination is sparked and from there, the possibilities are endless.
  • Arts & Crafts Business
  • National Children’s Craft Day

March 14th is National Learn About Butterflies Day

  • Spring and summer are just right around the corner so it is a good time to take a few minutes and learn something new about butterflies and appreciate their beauty.
  • Nature Business & Environmental Business
  • National Learn About Butterflies Day

March 14th is National Pi Day

  • The 3rd month and the 14th day of the year is a consistent day to celebrate the mathematical constant π. Also known as pi, the first three and most recognized digits are 3.14.
  • Education Business
  • National Pi Day

March 14th is National Potato Chip Day

March 14th is Save a Spider Day

  • Spiders are arachnids and love to eat insects so it could be a good thing to have them in your home or garden. They will eat the insects off your plants but not your plants. So, if even just for today, save that poor spider. He/she may be doing you a favor.
  • Nature Business & Environmental Business
  • Save a Spider Day

March 14th is International Ask a Question Day

  • If you've been curious about something, unclear about something, or just want more information ask a question today. The best way to learn is by asking questions. No question is a stupid question.
  • Wellness Business
  • International Ask a Question Day

March 14th is Organize Your Home Office Day

  • A day for people who are self-employed, or telecommuters, or who just use a home office to pay bills to get their area all cleaned up and organized. Use this holiday as the perfect opportunity to take control of all that clutter and become more productive in your work space.
  • Small Business
  • Organize Your Home Office Day  (second Tuesday in March)

March 14th is Crowdfunding Day

  • It has become a means for small business, individuals, and start-ups to generate enormous funds for their product, business, or cause by appealing to the public interests.
  • Small Business
  • Crowdfunding Day

March 14th is Science Education Day

  • This is a day to thank classroom and homeschool science teachers, as well as docents, volunteers, and members of the education staff at museums, zoos, aquariums, observatories, planetariums, state or national parks, science centers, nature centers, outdoor education centers, rocket parks, and any other formal or informal science setting.
  • Education Business
  • Science Education Day

March 14th is Legal Assistant Day

  • Do you have legal problems but can’t afford an expensive lawyer? If so, then it may be worth waiting for Legal Assistance Day.
  • Legal & Security Industry
  • Legal Assistant Day

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