“Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost & quality.”

Step #1 Project Management Workbook

Life as a project manager can be tough if anyone needs the inspiration to keep going with leading our projects and teams, it’s us.

“6 Steps to Navigate Your Branding Lane”

Navigate your business through the branding process with these six steps. These digital workbooks will assist you through each branding milestone while incorporating industry standards and common procedures.

Step #1 Project Management

The main objective is to show potential teammates, designers, and investors your business idea, and explain your project goals.

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Step #2 Logo Design

Now your can start your business identity with the most important part, the logo.

Step #3 Business Branding

Once your logo is complete, the next phase is to acquire unique assets to support your new brand.

Step #4 Website Development

After your brand has been mastered and planned, you can now showcase your content, images, and videos to your website.

Step #5 Social Media

The next phase is to "Build Brand Trust & Recognition" to your social media community through the content from your website.

Step #6 Graphic Design & Printing

You can't succeed in business without making an impression on your audience through promotions and marketing.

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